Graffiti Removal

A property with graffiti on it does not make the best first impression to potential customers and clients. It looks as if you don’t care about your appearance, and that you are happy to neglect it and allow it to look uncared for. It could also communicate offensive or discriminatory messages, which will need to be removed as soon as possible. Potential customers may think that the same approach applies to your running of the business too, so let Thomas Oakes remove your unsightly graffiti.

It’s well known that properties decrease in value if it is covered in graffiti, and it can also attract other acts of anti-social and criminal behaviour, so it is always best to clean it as soon as you can in order to avoid this.

Removing graffiti is not easy. Attempting to remove graffiti without the help of a professional service can ultimately cause more damage and lead to further expensive costs to reverse the damage. Our team at Thomas Oakes know that not all graffiti is the same, and different techniques are required to successfully remove it from your building.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety are at the heart of everything that our team does here at Thomas Oakes. You can rest assured the safety of staff, visitors and the public are always our main priority and we aim to complete all jobs without disrupting the everyday activities of your business.

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