Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Here at Thomas Oakes Window Cleaning, we strive to do the best job possible. We use our Reach & Wash System to ensure we reach every nook and cranny, and leave your property gleaming. We can clean any commercial property, from offices to restaurants, from hotels to football stadiums!

We operate in Manchester, Warrington, Wigan, and Bolton. We can combine pole cleaning with hydraulic platforms so as to not miss a spot! 

We don’t just stop at windows either, we can do everything from your Gutters and Cladding to your Car Park!

We are the North West’s fastest growing commercial window cleaning company and we’d love to help you. All of our staff are up-to-date with industry requirements, legal and Health and Safety Regulations.

Operating across the North West we have happy customers in Manchester, Warrington, Wigan, Bolton and Manchester and we’d love to include you in that number.

If you have a commercial building of any size, height or shape then give us a call today on 0161 791 2767 and see what Thomas Oakes Window Cleaning can do to help your commercial premises sparkle.

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How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

The state of your windows says a lot about your business – it’s often one of the first things customers see when arriving at your premises.

It’s therefore important to keep them looking clean to give the best first impression.

So how often should you have your windows cleaned?

The short answer: it depends…

Factors Affecting How Often You Should Clean Your Windows

Some windows get dirtier than others depending on various factors, which results in an increased need for commercial cleaning. Some things affecting the frequency of dirt accumulation are:

  • Location: Windows situated near a motorway or busy street are far likelier to get dirty compared to a building placed in a quiet town.
  • Landscape: If the building has trees that drip sap pressed up against it or is next to a car park, your windows will require more frequent cleaning.
  • Weather: If it’s been raining a lot or a storm has kicked up leaves and debris, a commercial cleaning company will be required to remove dirt and mineral deposits.
  • Structure: Some architectural designs, although they look great, are more prone to collecting dust and grime, requiring them to be cleaned more frequently.

How Often Your Business Should Clean Their Windows

The type of business you run will also affect how often you need to have your windows professionally cleaned.

  • Restaurants: every two weeks. Dirty fingerprints tend to be left on the windows, and cleaning promotes general hygiene and a good image for the restaurant.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Every month. You need to maintain a spotless appearance, giving patients confidence that they’re in good care.
  • Retail Stores: once a month. With a lot of foot traffic, plenty of grime gets transferred onto shop windows, and who wants to window shop through a grimy window?
  • Office Buildings: Twice a year. They generally don’t need as much cleaning, although lobby areas may want more frequent cleaning.

Thomas Oakes Window Cleaning provides commercial window cleaning services. If you would like to have your windows cleaned, contact us today and speak to one of our professional team.

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